Friday, July 15, 2011

Louis Andriessen: Hoketus: New York Stock Exchange Plaza

It's not everyday you get to experience a classic avant-garde work outdoors at the center of the world's finances. Such was the case when Louis Andriessen's Hoketus was performed at the New York Stock Exchange Plaza during Make Music New York this year. One quintet was on the street, facing the other quintet ensconced in the balcony of the New York Stock Exchange. The exciting performance captivated the crowd, and I've assembled a brief video of the 25-minute work:

Yarn/Wire led the performers: Ian Antonio, Russell Greenberg (congas); Laura Barger, Ning Yu (pianos); Michael Gallope, Jacob Rhodebeck (keyboards); Erin Lesser, Christa Van Alstine (pan flutes); Tony Gedrich, Joe Higgins (electric bass).

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