Thursday, August 27, 2009

“Cool Presentation”: Phil Kline's Daze DVD

Phil Kline’s Around the World in a Daze DVD has not only been praised for its adventurous music, but some have also enjoyed the custom packaging that contains the 2 DVDs as well. At Sequenza21, Jerry Bowles writes, “Our always adventuresome friends at Starkland have outdone themselves this time,” adding that “Daze is an amazing example of cool presentation.”

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The first DVD contains Phil’s 65-minute Daze studio composition (commissioned by Starkland). The second DVD offers 44 minutes of Extras, including: Phil’s music video MEDITATION (run as fast as you can), a 34-minute interview (conducted by John Schaefer in Kline’s home studio), and a montage of related production photos, including studio shots where most of the music was performed, created, and mixed. The special packaging also holds a 24-page booklet.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kline’s Daze DVD “A Treat” at New Music Box

The excellent New Music Box website writes enthusiastically about our Phil Kline Around the World in a Daze recording. The energetic Molly Sheridan states:
“The Starkland label has a treat for you—particularly those with surround sound playback equipment. Kline's Around the World in a Daze, a 10-movement work of manipulated audio samples and acoustic performance (Ethel, vocalist Kamala Sankaram, violinist Todd Reynolds, and much from the composer himself) was commissioned and designed specially for this hi-res DVD package. There's plenty to enjoy in this piece for your standard audio consumer, but for the audiophiles in the crowd, the real fun is in sitting immersed in this mash up of street noise, music clips, music boxes, bug zappers, and many other bits of sonic detritus caught up by the composer's ear and microphone.”
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Overwhelming" Phil Kline Daze DVD in Audiophile Audition

Audiophile Audition loves the rich envelopment and clear sound found on our Phil Kline Around the World in a Daze DVD. John Sunier writes, “The deep involvement in these ambient fields made possible by the hi-res surround sound takes things to a whole different dimension,” concluding that “the effect is quite overwhelming” and that Daze is “truly a remarkable sonic experience.”
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For those with audiophile playback, Sunier adds, “I seem to notice an even more pronounced improvement in clarity and transparency of the DVD-Audio feed over even the DTS surround than with standard classical recordings.”

Finally, he also notes the extensive Kline interview on the Extras DVD “is quite interesting.”

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Phil Kline Video Discusses 'The Housatonic at Henry Street' from his "Daze" surround DVD

In this video, Phil Kline discusses "The Housatonic at Henry Street" from his Around the World in a Daze surround DVD from Starkland.

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