Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stereophile reviews Phil Kline's "Daze" DVD from Starkland

In the latest Stereophile, Starkland's Phil Kline: Around the World in a Daze DVD receives an enthusiastic review in Kal Rubinson's surround sound column:

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

"D'Arc: woman on fire CD" by Jay Cloidt and Amanda Moody now available

A new MinMax CD, D'Arc: woman on fire, is now being distributed by Starkland.

Created by composer/performer Jay Cloidt and writer/singer Amanda Moody, the music theater piece D’Arc features performances by ex-Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud on six of the eleven songs. Also performing on the recording are cellists Danielle DeGruttola and Elaine Kreston, pianist Jon Herbst and guitarist Will Bernard.

Weaving the threads of the Dark Ages with our own dark times, the lyrics of D’Arc depict a present-day intercession by Saint Joan of Arc into the life of a contemporary mother, whose daughter vanished while working abroad in a war-torn region. St. Joan intrudes into the modern world through bizarre visions revealed through the cold flame of a television set, challenging today’s Joanne to listen to the call of her own life

The songs on D’Arc include a newly-written hymn setting of 14th-century lyrics, delicate acoustic duets and solo cello works, and intense electronic music. Cloidt weaves musique concrète elements into the music, along with electronic elements and acoustic instruments, to underscore the voice and cello parts. Amanda Moody’s vocal performance runs the gamut from medieval hymn singing to gospel wailing to full operatic bravura, and Cloidt has set her lyrics to an extremely wide range of vernacular styles and semi-abstract electronic textures. The music is intense and intelligent, yet emotional and accessible.

Jay Cloidt is a composer and sound designer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studied at the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College with Robert Ashley and David Behrman. He has collaborated with many groups, beginning with the late Ed Mock’s dance company (with a performance at the Vienna Biennale), and including the Paul Dresher Ensemble, the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, ODC/San Francisco, and Kronos Quartet. His works have been performed extensively by these groups and others throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, including performances at Lincoln Center, Royal Festival Hall, the Concertgebouw, and many other venues.

Cloidt released another MinMax/Starkland CD, Spectral Evidence, in 2007, featuring two string quartets performed by the Cypress String Quartet. Sequenza/21 said Spectral Evidence was “…engaging, attractive, and extremely crafty.”

Writer/actress/singer Amanda Moody’s critically acclaimed work, Serial Murderess, directed by Melissa Weaver and composed by Clark Suprynowicz, won the 2001 Dean Goodman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theater, and the SF Bay Guardian's Best of 2000 Award for great solo performance. Her original oratorio, Bitter Harvest composed by Kurt Rohde, premiered with the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano. Georgia Rowe of the Contra Costa Times declared Bitter Harvest "Splendid boldly contemporary and undeniably moving." BackStage West said, “Moody’s virtuosity – as writer, singer and actor – is awesome.”

The CD is available at Amazon and CD Baby.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Phil Kline discusses "The Wailing Wall" from his Around the World in a Daze surround DVD

In this video, Phil Kline discusses "The Wailing Wall" from his Around the World in a Daze surround DVD:

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